Hello, thank you for your interest.

We are writing the full text for this page right now but in summary we:

  • closed our unit in Newbury on March 23rd to fully support the advice and guidance given by the UK government in regard to social distancing and staying at home – please see the latest information here https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus
  • are trying to move as much of our stock onto NKTR.co.uk as quickly as possible but this is taking time – please bear with us
  • also adding to our Instagram account which is a good place to learn about NKTR, share ideas and see pieces that haven’t quite made it to the site yet
  • Our national and some international courier and delivery services are working well – we will dispatch any items that you may wish to buy asap or will be happy to store them safely for dispatch at a more convenient time

If you are not looking to buy at this time but would like to have a chat we’d love to hear from you or to receive offers and get our “occasional” newsletter please sign up here.

Take care, stay well and please – stay at home

29th March 2020