French DAF engine casting pattern
French engine casting pattern
A heavy (9kg) DAF Motors' engine part casting pattern made mainly of wood with metal and plastic detailing.
  • Height = 14" / 36 cm
  • Width = 24" / 60 cm
  • Weight = 9kg
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    WW1 brass shell trench-art pestle and mortar
    SOLD – WWI trench-art
    A heavy antique WW1 brass trench-art pestle and mortar shaped from an old artillery shell.
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    Vintage exercise pins or juggling clubs x3
    3x vintage exercise or juggling clubs
    A set of three vintage / possibly antique vintage wooden juggling clubs / Indian exercise pins. These are matching pieces hand turned from a light coloured wood - possibly beech. Approximate measurements:
    • Height = 39 cm
    • Width at widest point = 6 cm
    • Weight = 420g each
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    1952 British Steel Turtle Helmet
    SOLD – 1952 MKIV helmet
    British Mk IV Steel Turtle helmet in good vintage used condition - dated 1952.
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    Ministry of Defence MOD Metal Stencil with crowfoot icon
    SOLD – MOD metal stencil
    A large curved aluminium stencil that reads "MOD" - Ministry of Defence - and features the iconic broad arrow / crow's foot symbol. There is a slight curve to this stencil so we are guessing that it was used on cylindrical containers or boxes of some description possibly ordnance.
    • Width = 15" / 38 cm
    • Height = 8" / 20 cm
    • Letter height = 2.75" / 7 cm
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    SOLD – cast iron lions
    SOLD – cast iron lions
    A pair of heavy antique cast iron lions - very decorative - possibly doorstops or maybe firedogs.
    • Height = 9"
    • Width = 4.5"
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    Victorian Bamboo cane with hallmarked silver elements 1903
    SOLD – Edwardian bamboo 1903
    An early Edwardian antique walking stick / cane with bamboo shaft and 1903 hallmarked pommel / tip and collar which is also engraved with the owner's initials WVR in a script style and the maker's mark RHS.
    • Length = 36" / 90 cm
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    The Royal Logistics Corp - large plaque
    SOLD – Royal Logistics Corp
    A pre-owned original vintage British Army Royal Logistic Corps display plaque or sign which is in pretty good used condition. A highly decorative piece with the regiment's badge and coat of arms clearly displayed in the centre, with the Corps name written on scrolls at the top and further scroll work overlaying a wreath with the names Peninsula, Waterloo, Taku Forts, Pekin and Lucknow applied. There is some wear to the top right hand corner. Approximate measurements:
    • Height: 35" / 89 cm
    • Width: 13.5" / 35 cm
    • Depth: 0.25" / 7 mm
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    Vintage 1967 Stanfords School World Map
    SOLD – 1967 School World Map
    A vintage linen-backed map of the world - published in 1967 and attached to two wooden poles with a cotton loop for both tying the map up securely when rolled up and for hanging from when unrolled.
  • Width = 40" / 100 cm
  • Height = 28" / 71 cm

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    Bulgarian enamel sign "Place to Smoke"
    SOLD – Bulgarian enamel sign
    "Място за пушене" - a white & red Bulgarian enamel sign that translates to "Place to Smoke". The overall condition is good with minor signs of wear visible on the edges. Approximate measurements
    • Height: 8" / 20 cm
    • Width: 12" / 30 cm
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    Green steel filing index cabinet
    SOLD – steel filing cabinet
    A clean example of an Art Deco era 4 drawer steel / metal filing cabinet of index card size. There are 4 four drawers that all run freely - The condition is good - This is a heavy piece weighing approx 12 KG. Approx measurements:
    • Width = 16" / 41 cm
    • Height = 13" / 33 cm
    • Depth = 15.5" / 39 cm
    • Weight = 12 KG
    • Number of drawers = 4
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    Spanish Civil War steel helmet - 1930's -
    SOLD – Spanish M21 helmet
    An original M21 helmet from the Spanish Civil war. The M21helmet was the first to be locally produced in Spain and was known as "Sin Ala" - Without Wings - due to the straight sides of the helmet. 12,000 were produced in 1926 before being replaced by the M-26 helmet "Con Ala" - With Wings. This example has its original brown leather lining with metal rings built in to attach the strap - There is no strap with this helmet.
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    Ex RAF Grampion PA Speaker Horn
    SOLD – 46″ RAF speaker horn
    A large vintage Grampian SP25 long throw speaker horn reputedly from an Royal Air Force base in Wiltshire UK where it was most likely used as part of a PA system.
    • Approx measurements:
    • Height: 46" / 117 cm
    • Width at widest point: 22.5" / 57 cm
    • Weight: 7kg
    • Driver 15 ohms / 25 watts
    Untested at this stage and thus being sold as a decorative item for interior/exterior design projects, prop usage or as a spares and repairs project.
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    Antique wooden telescope box with name painted on the lid and damage to base panel
    SOLD – antique telescope box
    An antique unlined telescope case / box in good authentic antique condition with deep patina to the wood. The top face has been personalised for R. Stammers R.E. - we believe R.E. to be Royal Engineers. The fittings and hinges are brass and the leather or canvas handle has at some stage become detached and lost. There is a lock fitted but there is no key available. A panel is missing at the wide end of this box. This could be repaired easily or if your desire is to display by standing it on its end, the missing panel is not noticeable. Approx measurements:
    • Length = 41" / 104 cm
    • Top/Base Width (wide) = 6.5" / 16 cm
    • Top/Base Width (thin) = 2.5" / 6.5 cm
    • Sides Width (wide) = 5.75" / 15 cm
    • Sides Width (thin) = 3" / 7.5 cm
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    WWII Cilil Defence Zuckerman Helmet M&J Ltd 1941
    SOLD – WWII Zuckerman Helmet
    An original WWII British Civil Defence Zuckerman Helmet made (and stamped) in 1941 and carrying the markings “SFP” – Street Fire Party. The liner is in place and is marked with the makers name – which is slightly indistinct – and the date 1941. The overall condition of this helmet is good for its age – it is showing a few scrapes and marks on the exterior – the liner appears complete and clean, please note the thread that weaves through the helmet to hold the liner in place has snapped – this would be easy to replace – i have included a modern black lace with this helmet to use as a replacement should you wish to.
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    19th Century French Antique Snare Drum
    SOLD – 19th Century Drum
    Believed to be a late nineteenth century military snare drum that was adopted for use in a fair or circus in later life - Wood, Brass and calf skin.
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    WWI era British Army Shell Case
    SOLD – WW1 Shell Carrier
    An original WW1 era British Royal Navy leather, cork & canvas cordite charge carrier.
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    1940's Bournemouth Bus Stop
    SOLD – 1940’s Bus Stop
    An early 1940's British enamel double-sided request bus stop believed to be from Bournemouth
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    WWII War Department Document Basket
    SOLD – WWII War Dept wicker basket
    This is a clean, sturdy, heavy and interesting example of a British WW2 War Department wicker basket that was used to transit (probably) documents between the UK and Africa.
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    WW1 Field glasses
    SOLD – Victorian brass field glasses
    Solid and still very clear Victorian brass field glasses with lens hoods that slide, quite freely, to help prevent glare.
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    19th Century French Grape Collection Hod
    SOLD – Antique French grape hod
    A clean and honest example of a late 19th century French grape collection hod, that would make a fabulous planter, floral centrepiece, log basket or ice bucket.
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