SOLD – Atsonea console table
SOLD – Atsonea console table
A highly decorated reproduction Regency / Rococo style wall mounted console table / shelf made by Atsonea - probably from the 1950's. Atsonea are known for making a range of decorative Regency and Rococo style furnishings, mirrors and other pieces in the 1950's and 1960's. This piece is mainly wooden in construction with plaster and resin decorative areas finished in a gilt or gold paint. Approx measurements:
  • Width = 17" / 43 cm
  • Height = 10" / 26 cm
  • Depth = 9" / 23 cm
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Green steel filing index cabinet
SOLD – steel filing cabinet
A clean example of an Art Deco era 4 drawer steel / metal filing cabinet of index card size. There are 4 four drawers that all run freely - The condition is good - This is a heavy piece weighing approx 12 KG. Approx measurements:
  • Width = 16" / 41 cm
  • Height = 13" / 33 cm
  • Depth = 15.5" / 39 cm
  • Weight = 12 KG
  • Number of drawers = 4
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SOLD – 1970’s pub mirror
SOLD – 1970’s pub mirror
This is a pre-owned and used pub or club sign from around the 1970's - Made of a glass mirror with the words "No Smoking" printed or painted onto the mirror is a very distinctive typeface of its time. The mirror is framed in dark wood with golden gilt decoration and backed in hardboard - nailed and taped with a string attached for hanging. The framed miror measures approx:
  • Height = 8" / 20 cm
  • Width = 30" / 76 cm
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SOLD - bank of 8 drawers
SOLD – 8 drawer 1930’s cabinet
A clean example of an Art Deco era 8 drawer filing cabinet made by Stone. This is an example of the Stone's "Popular" Series of Cabinets and has the "cut away" style of drawers with brass handles. This cabinet is an 8 drawer model - a 4 drawer configuration was also available. Both could be ordered in different sizes and with cut away or flush sided drawers. The approx dimensions of this cabinet are:
  • Width = 18.5" / 47 cm
  • Height = 10.5" / 27 cm
  • Depth = 14.5" / 37 cm
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Antique wooden telescope box with name painted on the lid and damage to base panel
SOLD – antique telescope box
An antique unlined telescope case / box in good authentic antique condition with deep patina to the wood. The top face has been personalised for R. Stammers R.E. - we believe R.E. to be Royal Engineers. The fittings and hinges are brass and the leather or canvas handle has at some stage become detached and lost. There is a lock fitted but there is no key available. A panel is missing at the wide end of this box. This could be repaired easily or if your desire is to display by standing it on its end, the missing panel is not noticeable. Approx measurements:
  • Length = 41" / 104 cm
  • Top/Base Width (wide) = 6.5" / 16 cm
  • Top/Base Width (thin) = 2.5" / 6.5 cm
  • Sides Width (wide) = 5.75" / 15 cm
  • Sides Width (thin) = 3" / 7.5 cm
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Antique 19th century oak ballot / voting / suggestion box
SOLD – 19th century ballot box
A heavy pre-owned and used antique wooden ballot box made of oak in the 19th Century. Perfect for a ballot and other voting activities or as a suggestion box in a club or hotel. This British table top posting box is in good overall cosmetic condition - it is structurally sound - there is no evidence of woodworm. Approx dimensions are:
  • Height = 8.5"
  • Depth = 11.5"
  • Width = 15.5"
There are a few light scratches etc as expected in a piece of this age. There is a lock but no key is available. [text-blocks id="2124"]
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pair of bobbin chairs needing work
SOLD on eBay – Bobbin chairs
This item has now sold  
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WWII War Department Document Basket
SOLD – WWII War Dept wicker basket
This is a clean, sturdy, heavy and interesting example of a British WW2 War Department wicker basket that was used to transit (probably) documents between the UK and Africa.
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19th Century French Grape Collection Hod
SOLD – Antique French grape hod
A clean and honest example of a late 19th century French grape collection hod, that would make a fabulous planter, floral centrepiece, log basket or ice bucket.
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