Zenith 10 x 20 binoculars
SOLD – Zenith binoculars
An interesting and rare pair of silver coloured Zenith 10 x 20 binoculars that come with a brown leather case with soft red lining. These small glasses have the following engraved into the body:

Zenith Coated Optics 10 x 20 Field 4° No. 51156

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Vintage Opticians Trial Lens Set
SOLD – vintage optician’s trial lens set
An original vintage optician's optometry optical full trial lens set with lenses housed in a slotted tray that lifts out of the purpose built wooden case. All the slots within the case have a lens and there are extra lenses provided. We believe that this set dates back to around the 1930's though would love to hear your thoughts on whether you agree or disagree.
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1940's Sumlock Computatator Adding Machine
SOLD – 1940’s Adding Machine
London Computator Corporation Sumlock 912/S - Sterling currency adder in good shape for its age (1941)
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WW1 Field glasses
SOLD – Victorian brass field glasses
Solid and still very clear Victorian brass field glasses with lens hoods that slide, quite freely, to help prevent glare.
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