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SOLD – 1940’s Adding Machine

London Computator Corporation Sumlock 912/S – Sterling currency adder in good shape for its age (1941)


London Computator Corporation Sumlock 912/S – Sterling currency adding machine.

The machine is in good shape for its age (1941) There is a red disk on the underside that states “Maintenance Service – Free of Charge” from the production date that is stamped into the disk “26 – 3 – 41” – on the back are the remains of the original “Sumlock” logo disk.
This is an interesting earlier model that has octagonal buttons not round ones – as in later models and it does not feature the large Sumlock name plate on the front of the machine – this again appeared in later models.
Please take a good look at the photographs attached to get a good view of this interesting, early version of the Sumlock Adding technology.
It has been suggested that this model was built in the Vickers factory, during the war.

This has a direct action keyboard of the “comptometer” type.

It is a model L.C/912/S and the 9 denotes the full keyboard (keys up to 9), the 12 denotes the 12 columns of keys, and the S denotes a Sterling currency version.
You will see it has 9 decades of £ keys, with columns on the right for shillings and pence keys. The pence column is abbreviated to 1 to 9. To enter a number 10 or 11 two keys have to be pressed in succession in that column to give the required number. The lever on the right is for clearing the total.
This is an interesting piece of old technology that will be a centre of attention in any room in your house.
Height = 4.5″ / 11 cm
Width = 13″” / 33 cm
Depth = 10″ / 26 cm
Weight = 8kg